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Take no risk and save with our High Risk Offshore Merchant Accounts. focuses on providing our customers the best offshore merchant accounts and support services available. Regardless of which country your company is registered in, we will tailor our service to suit your unique needs and will take personal responsibility to best ensure you can obtain a merchant account.

At Austpay, we cooperate with major Asian banks to provide our customer access to the full range of credit card processing and e-payment solutions.

Not only with just Visa, Master card and American Express, but with also a fully viable e-check, debit and e-wallet system that are all supported and easily added to a current account. core beliefs were created to understand that many startup business and mature business can take a massive profit cut when not managing their transaction expenses, multiple payment options start up fees and monthly charges for each option of payment system.

We have done our best to minimize the expenses for our merchants and keep a clear transparent fee schedule, by removing monthly, annual fees, removing Back office management’s system fees, removing reporting schedules, removing fees to support such as tech, customer services, ticketing systems and other viable security measures, removing security fees and removing fees to add payment options to your business. We have basically removed all the fees that are hidden and are extra charges for services we believe you should have to begin with.

We aim at making payment processing the easiest part of your business to manage, leaving Merchants more time and money to focus on developing their markets and spend more time/money growing their sales with out increasing unneeded overheads.

At we will analyze your business carefully and figure out a most competitive rate and solution for you that will obtain a merchant account. We have worked with hundereds of start ups/high risk merchant and have slowly nurtured them so they can eventually gain all the payment options they seek.

At Austpay, we welcome all types of business including High risk and low risk businesses, as long as you are a legitimate law abiding merchant. We can work with you to build up your processing creditability and obtain a Merchant account for you. Industries that normally are considered in the grey area of the law or provide services that normally carry a high charge back rate or fraudulent activity are often declined by most banks. At we take the time to review each merchant application as an individual entity and avoid lumping all industries as not viable or too risky.

With our unique relationship with our acquiring bank and our sophisticated risk management team, is capable of providing high risk merchant account to our clients and still keep the rate affordable, look for further information if you business is considered as a high risk business, please contact our sales department.

Austpay is proud of our comprehensive payment processing third party payment gateway, which can help those legitimate merchants that have been lumped into the high risk industries or as high risk start-ups who have been turned down for on-line processing.

We look forward to being able to help guide you and provide you with a Merchant account that can meet your needs now and in the future.

Come grow with us and see for yourself.

We accept the following types of eCommerce businesses:

· dating · travel · nutraceutical · high volume
· pawn Shops · Skill gaming · Insurance · download software
· E-cigaritte · credit repair · sports card · custom jewelry
· penny auction · water Purifiers · escort Services · general ecommerce

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